The ArtLab building is the culmination of a long-term initiative undertaken by EPFL’s Senior Management in 2010. The overall aim was to revitalize Place Cosandey, a nearly 3-hectare space at the heart of the campus, and turn it into a campus commons.

 At the southern end of the ArtLab building, the Montreux Jazz Café at EPFL is dedicated to presenting the famous festival’s archives, which are inscribed in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register.

More than 5'000 concerts (14'000 tapes in total, 11'000 hours of video and 6'000 hours of audio), has been digitized and archived as part of the Montreux Jazz Digital Project directed by the Metamedia Center of the EPFL in collaboration with several laboratories. http://artlab.epfl.ch/montreux-jazz-cafe-and-archives

The Swiss Tech Convention Center at EPFL

The Rolex Learning Center : The Bibliothèque de L’EPFL is a public library specialized in the EPFL study and research fields. It is a place of work and study which offers a privileged access to virtual and material information. The library provides access to more than 40'000 e-books, 10'000 e-journals and 500'000 printed documents. http://rolexlearningcenter.epfl.ch/page-45189-en.html

Planète Santé Live - EPFL Lausanne

Le Salon Suisse de La Santé au Swiss Tech Convention Center - EPFL Lausanne : www.planetesante.ch/salon 

Great presentation from Prof. Sean Hill : The Blue Brain Project: http://bluebrain.epfl.ch/

HUG - Geneva University Hospital - 10'500 staff!

Thank you Galenica - Sunstore


Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne and EuroCHRIE Budapest

 Great dinner at the Berceau des Sens Restaurant at EHL. The menu was excellent.


Impressive : Set-up for the Metro/Makro Congress

The same room after the confenrece
Everything is loaded on trucks and  shipped away

Past-Presidents of I-CHRIE in Budapest: Dennis Reynolds, Susan Fournier, Rai Shacklock, Cynthia Deale, Maureen Brookes and Bill Samenfink

Meanwhile, Susan is attending the EuroCHRIE Conference in Budapest, where numerous hospitality and tourism professors from all over the world are presenting their research.

The week of the Scorpions

The birthday week : Zack, Ian, Zoe and Max

On Monday Susan is in Budapest
With Liz Ineson at the EuroCHRIE conference in Budapest

On the same day the ballot for the US election and the condolences letter for the King of Thailand
Sad news, my Highschool classmate Jaci (center) passed away in Texas
Zack, Stella and the kids on a short holiday in Penang, Malaysia
Emilie and Johanna visiting me at work
Birthday boys Zack on 26th and Ian on 28th October
Twins birthdays Zoe and Max on 29th October in Bangkok


Birthday celebration in Bangkok

The Bar in Bouveret is closed